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Are you implementing or preparing to implement HACCP, or any other quality standard, because you care about the reputation of your company? Do you need an excellent service? Are you looking for a pest control company that meets with your requirements?

Bug Expert is the first company in Lebanon and among the first in the Middle East to implement the LEED standard, which is the highest green pest control standard in the world. In addition, Bug Expert implements all conditions required by HACCP and ISO standards.

Along with its long expertise in the pest control industry, Bug Expert uses the best products and hires the most experienced personnel to deliver outstanding services.

Bug Expert, your peace of mind.


You have pests but afraid of spraying your house because you have kids, elderly persons, or pets? Or you simply hate pesticides and don’t want to harm the environment?

With Bug Expert there is no need to worry anymore. With our eco-friendly concept, along with the advanced products we use and our "smart” technique, Bug Expert protects you against pests without exposing anyone to pesticides. The quantity of pesticides we use is up to 80% less than the traditional way without compromising the results of our treatment.

Bug Expert eliminates crawling insects, rodents (rats & mice), parasitic pests (fleas & bed bugs), reptiles (snakes), as well as scorpions, millipedes, centipedes and many others.

With Bug Expert, you are in safe hands!!


In today’s world everyone has concerns in dealing with hygiene issues. We all feel surrounded by microorganisms that may affect any business and attain everyone’s health especially the most vulnerable ones (kids and aged people). This is why Bug Expert offers you its disinfection services.

With its latest technologies and a lot of care for the environment, Bug Expert reaches fungi, viruses, bacteria and algae where the traditional cleaning methods either can’t reach or are not effective enough.

While microorganisms can make your life miserable, Bug Expert can eliminate them in your office and home as well as in schools, nurseries, food plants, warehouses and everywhere these organisms exist.