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Mission and Vision


"Bug Expert is a mindful pest management company committed to protect the people and their properties from invading pests that transmit diseases and cause damages, using an ultimate eco-friendly approach, innovative state of the art technologies, alternatives for chemicals where possible, and spreading an exquisite internal and external customer service culture.
Our aim is to deliver fast and reliable results while preserving our customers’ health, educating them on the risks they directly or indirectly encounter when exposed to some types of chemicals, on ways to sustain the nature, and involving them in small activities that make a difference in the protection of the individual and the planet.
We perceive ourselves as partners with our customers, employees, community and suppliers, all working towards one main goal: Promoting appropriate practices towards a better planet to live on."


"Bug Expert's vision is to spread the culture of eco-friendly pest management all over the world and become a number one reference in combining at once high levels of safety and efficiency delivered throughout the latest technologies and exceptional human capital”.


Company Profile

The LEED* Standard By Bug Expert

Bug Expert is proud to be the only Pest Management company in Lebanon with the proper expertise to fully implement the LEED standard for Pest Management.
In this regard, Bug Expert uses non-chemical methods and if necessary the least toxic products permitted by the LEED standard.
It fully abides by the management rules and reporting system required by the LEED standard.

*LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Bug Expert technique: Advantages over conventional pest management:

  • Bug Expert technique kills the pests in their hiding and reproduction areas.
  • Bug Expert technique ensures perfect results.
  • Bug Expert technique almost eliminates the exposure of kids and adults to pesticides.
  • Bug Expert technique reduces by 90% the use of unnecessary pesticides thus reducing the allergic reactions that some people may exhibit.
  • Bug Expert technique protects the environment by eliminating pesticides thus preventing them from reaching the sewers and underground water.
  • Bug Expert technique uses state of the art equipment that ensures 100% safety to all food processing areas such as production lines and kitchens, where conventional pest control contaminates food & food surfaces through the droplets of pesticides coming out from pressurized sprayers, and reaching kitchen utensils, equipments and tables.

About Bug Expert New Technique

Bug Expert new technique follows the most advanced international standards adopted in the USA to protect people, pets and the environment.

Bug Expert technique consists of the following:

  • Deep inspection of the premises and risk assessment evaluation to designate areas that can be treated chemical-free.
  • Identification of the encountered pests and immediate intervention limiting the numbers of initial populations.
  • Evaluation of the sanitation and proofing measures currently taken with provision of effective solutions.
  • Treatment of the cracks & crevices with a minimum quantity of chemicals through Bug Expert new method applied for the first time in the ME.
  • Follow up until the problem is solved with unlimited recommendations and assistance.

Dear Madam / Sir,

A wise man once said: "What is the good of having a nice house without a decent planet to put it on?”

It is based on this thought that Bug Expert has launched its methods of work all around one main parameter: Protection of human kind and nature.

Bug Expert is a newly established company that has all you aim for in terms of FRESHNESS:

  • A team of experts with FRESH motives.
  • A FRESH treatment that doesn’t leave you with question marks about the environment and the health of your beloved ones.
  • And a FRESH technique that combines guaranteed results with less chemicals and hassle-free.

With its unique way of dealing with pests problems, Bug Expert have understood that today’s market wants results that can last and that are not destructive for the health and the environment on the long run. After all why expose yourself to additional pollution when you can guarantee results with minimum use and almost null exposure to chemicals? Haven’t you had your dose of pollution wherever you go?!